Valuation of Second Hand Machinery

CBEC has issued revised guidelines for  of valuation of Second had machinery, for the purpose of levying Customs Duty.  The said guidelines arr contained in Circular N0. 25/2015 dated 15th October, 2015.  

Anti Dumping Duty

On 21.10.2015, Central Government imposed definitive Anti Dumping Duty on Polyester Yarn,  Hexamine,  Front Axle Beam and Steering Knuckles for medium or heavy commercial vehicle and  MDF Board    Originated and / or  Exported from Chine, Thailand. U.A.E., Malaysia   Please

Wheat – Customs Duty increased

Basic Customs duty on Wheat increased to 25% from present rate of 10%, with effect from 19th October, 2015, by amending the Notification No. 12/2012-Cus. by Notification No. 51/2015-Cus. dated 19.10.2015

Export Rebate

The Hon'ble Supreme Court in its recent judgment has held that the Exporter can claim Rebate of Duty paid on Goods Exported as well as duties paid on raw material used in manufacture of such goods. Both these rebates can

Inapt Prosecution – Disastrous Results

Inapt Prosecution – Disastrous Results The Hon’ble Supreme Court, in recent past, has disposed off two appeals pertaining to classification and Excise-ability of ‘Printed Wrappers’. A combined reading of these judgements clearly indicates that lapses at prosecution stage may give

Rejection of VCES is Appealable

The CBEC in its circular dated 8th August 2013 has stated that Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme has no provision for appeal against the rejection of  declaration.   It is correct that right to appeal is not a constitutional right but

Tax on Service to Self

As per Section 66B, read with clause (44) of Section 65B, services rendered by one person to other is liable to tax. Thus, for levy of Service Tax, there should be two persons. One the Service Provider and other the